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Human Antibody Library Screening
Discover innovative antibody therapeutics with proprietary human antibody library

Human antibody library screening is a process of selecting binders(hits) against target of interest with phage display technology including analysis of antibody sequences.

Y-Biologics can provide unique antibody sequences generated from a proprietary fully human antibody library, Ymax®-ABL (See more). Our scientists with expertise can offer various biopanning strategies considering the type of the target of interest to enhance the chance of generating specific binders and rapidly discovering novel antibodies against any antigens. We also have installed semi-automated high throughput equipment (See more) specialized in antibody screening to save the developmental timeline and improve experimental accuracy.
Biopanning Strategies
Strategy of biopanning

Solid phase panning

The most conventional panning method and have been widely validated since it is established
  • The most straightforward way to select binders against the target protein
  • The epitope of the target proteins could be hidden when they adsorbed on the solid surface
Solution phase panning

This method is widely used to fulfill the needs of selecting binders which have an affinity to the wider range of epitope

  • The target protein can maintain form of its epitope more than a protein adsorbed to a solid surface
Cell panning
A specific method for selecting binders against cell surface protein or transmembrane protein
  • Binders having epitope which can recognize the naïve protein found on the cell surface can be discovered
  • Additional preparation of target protein expressed cells and non-target protein expressed cells
Timeline of Human Antibody Library Screening
4 weeks
4 weeks

1 week


2 weeks
Final Report
Customer preparation: Protein(s) with different tags
Deliverables: Final report, Antibody variable region sequences
  • There may be changes depending on the conditions of the experiment
  • The epitope of the target proteins could be hidden when they adsorbed on the solid surface
Points of Differentiation
Utilizing Semi-Automated
high-throughput facility
The starter service takes
Less than 3 months, at speed
Diverse Specific Binders
Provide from 5 unique binders
or more depending on the clients’ request
IP Free
You get the full ownership of
the sequences through the service
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