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Discovering revolutionized antibody therapeutics with fully human antibody library

Y-Biologics has established a premium quality of human antibody library, Ymax®-ABL, based on the phage display technique.
This finely optimized library with over 100 billion diversity accelerates to generate a bespoke therapeutic antibody for the target of interest.

ScFv-displayed phage and phagemid vector

Ymax®-ABL is a naïve cDNA library derived from B cells in normal human bone marrow,
therefore, it has proven its low toxicity, immunogenicity, and high productivity.
  • Single chain format (scFv) on phage
  • Properly shuffled heavy chain gene to maximize the antibody diversity
  • Improved helper phage system to optimize the scFv display
  • Animal protection
  • No need for Antibody Humanization
  • Re-construction of the library regularly to maintain its diversity and freshness
Ymax®-ABL confirmed by NGS
  • The diversity of Ymax®-ABL was analyzed and confirmed by next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) in 2018 and it was verified that the most of germlines of VH and VL are included in this library.
  • Diversity: >1011 (VH : 2.35 x 108 / VL : 5.77 x 107)
The length distribution of CDR3 region

Fig. 1 Length VH of CDR3 : 5~25 aa

Fig. 2 Length of VL CDR3 : 8~12 aa

Ymax®-ABL confirmed by NGS

Ymax®-ABL contains most of VH germline families

Ymax®-ABL confirmed by NGS

Ymax®-ABL contains most of VL germline families

The diversity of amplified sequences at protein level
No. of total sequences used in analysis

8.20 x 105

2.05 x 106

ACE (Estimated number of unique characters)

2.79 x 108

5.77 x 107

Shannon’s index (Evenness of unique characters)


binder selection of conventional Ag
for monoclonal antibody generation
binding affinity without optimization
Highly skilled experts with extensive experience
neutralizing Ab selection of conventional Ag
for bispecific antibody generation