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HT Automated Antibody Screening System
Semi-automated process can save your time and assure the experimental accuracy

Y-Biologics has equipped an HT semi-automated screening platform from single clone analysis to antibody characterization to be specialized in antibody screening. The fully automated facility seems to offer a much faster service timeline but once it breaks down, all processes should be stopped until it is repaired and then convert all following steps manually. 


Our semi-automated system managed with a designated person can continuously proceed experiments even though any unexpected situations come up. This facility primarily allows us to shorten the timeline of analyzing thousands of single clones which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive experiment step. In addition, automated equipment can reduce human errors during the numerously repeated processes and ensure experimental accuracy.

List of facilities

QPix™ 450 Colony Picking System
(Molecular Devices)

Capable of picking 3000 single colonies per hour
by monitoring a camera and moving plates automatically
Freedom EVO®150
Assembled each part for fully automated and integrated process
specialized in high throughput demands of antibody screening
LPX 440
Integrated with a liquid handling system to transfer
or storage the various types of plates up to 220 in 96-well plates
EL406 Washer Dispenser
Multiple capabilities include fast, full plates washing and
three reagents dispensing automatically for standard assays
ZAG DNA Analyzer system
Analyze up to 96 individual samples in parallel
to eliminate overlapping sequences and pre-sort unique clones
CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer
(Beckman Coulter)
Observes the 96-well binding at once between cell surface target
and antibody in real-time with high sensitivity
Biacore 8K
The state of the art SPR system which enables screening of 2300 molecules
in a day allows efficient characterization and quality control of biotherapeutics

Since we have established the semi-automated high throughput facility, we could save the developmental timeline and eliminate the human errors in a continuously repeated process of tremendous scales of work.

for hit screening
analysis in a week
human errors