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Frequently Asked Questions
Listed below are some frequently asked questions regarding our custom services.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or would like to discuss a potential project.

There are four options for clients to prepare the target which should be tested for its activity before performing biopanning process


①Clients can buy commercial target protein and send it to us.


②We can buy commercial target proteins as the clients’ request and an additional payment for purchasing the proteins will be charged in antibody service fees.


③Clients can produce their own target protein and send it to us after the confirmation of its activities and functions and the completion of quality control.


④We can produce the target protein by production protocols given by the clients and then quality control, activity and functional tests of the protein should be conducted by clients.

We can isolate specific antibodies through an immune-focused library which is an enriched antibody pool against the target by immunization.

Immune-focused antibody library service might need further processes depending on the purpose of antibody generation.

If you want to select the binders against various antigens, then you can apply our human antibody library screening service.

Wondering which library to use? See our comparison table of two different types of libraries (See more).

Starter service is the most basic service which provides only antibody variable region sequences screened by our optimized biopanning techniques with experiment results.

Full service goes on to the next steps including IgG reformatting, antibody production and antibody binding kinetic analysis using Octet 8Ke.

Antibody binding kinetic analysis using Biacore 8K is an optional choice with an additional charge.

We are amenable to various partnerships, including research collaborations and co-development.

If the target suggested by clients fits our needs, then an internal meeting will be held to discuss the decision for collaboration.

No matter how binders against the target are enriched or not during the biopanning process,

we will ask the clients whether we go further or stop.

When the clients say stop, only set up fees will be charged, and if the clients would like to proceed further, they will be fully charged for the service.

We will apply these three techniques alone or together after consulting with clients and internal discussion.

Various methods will be utilized depending on the condition of the antibodies and the needs of the clients.